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Top 10 Easy Sarkari Naukri in India – Know How Simple it is to Get Them

Date / Time of Post: 20/04/2024 | 01:00 PM
Hello, friends seeking Sarkari Naukri. Friends, everyone knows that getting a government job in India is everyone's dream and if you get a Govt Job as soon as possible then it is a different thing. Government jobs are given very high status in India. Now in the time of 2024, how difficult it has become to get a government job, for every government job where there are 100 posts, lakhs of forms have to be filled. But it is not difficult to get all the government jobs. In this Article we will tell you about the 10 easiest government jobs in India. And after reading today's post you will know which job this is. And how easy it is to get these government jobs even after passing 10th and 12th class. If you can get it easily then friends read the article given below carefully. So, if you are also looking for a government job which is easy to get, then read this article carefully.
In India, a Sarkari Naukri is a more respectable job than a private sector job. The special thing about a government job is that when we do it, we feel good that we are looked upon as equals by people and we are respected a lot. In today's Article we will tell you about the easiest Govt jobs.
In this post, I am going to talk about two types of government jobs. Firstly, the easiest job based on examination, and secondly, the easiest government job based on competition. Let's explore which role stands out as the easiest and best government job.


Which is the Best Easy Sarkari naukri in India?

As you know, there are many such positions in India, from private jobs to government jobs, in which people earn lakhs of rupees per month. Along with earning huge amount, they also have to work hard in their job. If we talk about 15-20 years ago, there was not much competition in government jobs but today there is a lot of competition. The biggest reason for increasing competition in government jobs is unemployment; The level of unemployment is increasing in India due to which every person wants the security of a government job. People want to get any government job, for this they participate and give every small and big examination. Now there might be some people among you who would want to know which is the easiest government job. In this post, I will tell you about the easiest government job in two-three ways so that you will understand well which is the easiest government job in India. Friends, I have written a post related to the topic how to become a bank manager, if you want to know about the Top 10 Strategies To Secure a Sarkari Naukri in India then you can read our post.

According to the examination, which is the Simple Government Job?

The level of unemployment has increased so much that people prefer to do any government job and prepare for it diligently. Now there are many types of steps to get a government job, now I am going to talk about which is the best government job according to the examination. There are some government jobs in which the paper is very easy and the syllabus is also very less.With this you have to work and study and get a government job easily, so let us see which are the best government jobs which you can get even if you are less educated.

1. Indian Railway Group-D / NTPC Jobs

We think the best government job is Railway Group D OR NTPC . If you get a job on any post in this department, doing any work is not difficult but rather easy. Railway Group D people are now also known as Driver and Helper. This department includes driver helpers and other employees whose work is for the safety and assistance of trains.
  • Even very less educated youth can get jobs in this department.
  • We do not need to study much to get a job in this department.
  • In this you get very less number of syllabus which makes it easy to study.
  • Candidates who have passed 10th can apply for this.
  • In Railway Group D exam, mostly questions related to 10th Mathematics and 10th General Knowledge are asked.
  • After passing this exam, you have the possibility of getting jobs like gangman, trackman, railman.
  • According to 7th pay in Railway Group D Recruitment, the salary is Rs.25,000 to Rs.27,000 per month.
  • It is easy to get a job in Railway Group D but it is very difficult to get a job in it.
  • Friends, we know that you must know what kind of job is available in Railway Group D but to get a job in this department you need to work hard because lakhs of people like you prepare and hence the competition is very high. Increases and due to increase in competition one is not able to get a job.

    2. SSC - GD Job

    Friends, through SSC-GD you can get a job in the posts of Indian Security Force i.e. BSF, Border Security Force SSB, National Investing Agency NIA, Central Reserve Police Force CRPF. Friends, in this examination you are selected through written examination and physical standard examination along with physical examination, which makes it easier to get a job. Candidates have to prepare for SSC-GD exam in both English and Hindi languages and the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are selected. To pass this exam, the candidate should study Mathematics, General Knowledge, General Hindi and English language well and also keep the pattern and syllabus of the exam in mind.
  • SSC-GD examination is conducted by SSC every year.
  • After a candidate passes this examination, he can get a job in any force or as a constable.
  • In our India, this exam conducted by SC is also considered very easy and best government job.
  • While preparing for this exam, you have to study Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge till class 10th.
  • SSC GD Recruitment's salary is Rs.21,700 to Rs.69,100 per month.
  • 3. SSC MTS and Havaldar Job

    The easiest and best government job can be found through SSC MTS and Havaldar, which is the Indian government exam. This examination is conducted to select candidates for working positions in different states and regions. This exam is exclusively for 10th pass students and for the recruitment of employees for non-technical and support jobs in various government departments. The application process for SSC-MTS exam is online and there are two stages of examination: preliminary examination and main examination.
  • SSC-MTS comes under SSC itself and is conducted by SSC.
  • 10th pass students can apply for this examination and its application process is online.
  • While preparing for this exam, you should especially study 10th class Science, 10th class Mathematics, and General Knowledge has to be taught because you are asked questions related to it.
  • SSC MTS exam is first in the list of easiest and best government jobs. But she comes.
  • SSC MTS And Havaldar Recruitment, the salary is Rs.18,000 to Rs.22,000 per month.
  • 4. SSC CHSL ( 10+2 ) Job

    SSC-CHSL is the Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination, a significant examination for government jobs in India. This examination aims to select 10th and 12th level students for positions like Lower Division Clerk, Data Entry Operator, Post Circuit Assistant, and Court Clerk in various government departments and ministries.
  • The easiest government job among government jobs is SSC CHSL and it is a very simple exam. 10th and 12th pass students can apply online for this examination.
  • Candidates who pass this examination are selected for posts like Junior Assistant or Lower Division Clerk.
  • In preparation for this exam, questions related to 10th class Mathematics and General Knowledge are asked.
  • In the jobs available after this examination, you are given a salary ranging from Rs.19,990 to Rs.63,200.
  • Easy Sarkari Naukri Based on Competition

    Above we saw which is the easiest government job on the basis of examination, now we will see which is the best government job on the basis of competition. Here I am going to talk about such jobs where people are needed but people are not able to reach there, so let us see which are the best government jobs.

    5. Judge Job

    You must have heard the name of your judge. The judge in the Supreme Court is called a judge or he judges in large judicial areas. There is a lot of competition in this government job because very few people prepare for it in India, due to which it is easy to get this job. To do this job we need to have higher education.
  • In our India, people do not prepare for the job of a judge as much as people are required for the job of a judge.
  • You get a lot of competition in this city because there are very few people preparing for this government job.
  • To get this exam, first of all you have to appear for the state PCS exam on the day in which the Civil Judge PCS exam will be conducted.
  • By passing the civil judge exam you can get the job and get a good monthly salary.
  • It is quite difficult to get this job and to get it you need to study well.

    6. Professor Job

    The government post with the least competition is also that of a professor. This job is available to those people who get good marks in the examination. Not everyone can get this job because for this it is very important for you to be a specialist.
  • Professor is such a government job in which not many people apply, only a limited number of people prepare for it.
  • Candidates who want to get the job of Professor will have to complete Master or PhD degree.
  • After that, the candidate can appear for the examination for Assistant Professor from the University.
  • After passing the Assistant Professor examination from any university, you become a professor.
  • The salary of a person working as a professor is more than one lakh.
  • Note - If there is less competition in a job then it is not necessary that you can get a job in it because it is very important to have good marks in it and for you to be a specialist. Similarly, the examination for a government job is very difficult, hence only the candidate who passes with good marks gets the job.

    Which is the Easy Sarkari Naukri in India

    Above we have learned about the easiest job on the basis of examination and competition, now we know which is the best government job which is very easy to do.

    7. Teachers Job

    The easiest and best government job is that of a teacher in which we only have to teach children and see their social development. There is no scope for much pressure in this job. Holidays are also given several times a year. With this, a teacher can go to his home again and again. It is a little easier for every teacher to become a teacher.

    8. Postal Assistant Job

    This government job of the Postal Department of India also comes in the list of easiest jobs which supports the post office and post office-related works. It is also quite easy to get this job, jobs for this post are announced by various postal departments. You can see in the following what work a post assistant can do.

    9. Safai Karmchari Job

    The job of a sweeper is the best and easiest. Sanitation workers generally work in the field of cleaning and sanitation services. This job is very important as sanitation workers help maintain cleanliness at the local level by cleaning public places, schools, hospitals, offices, markets, and other places and at other times throughout the week.

    10. Gram Panchayat Employee

    The job of Gram Panchayat employee is in the field of social services and development in Gram Panchayats. This job provides an opportunity to promote social services at the local level, ensure development, and contribute to community prosperity. Following may be some of the common jobs of a Gram Panchayat employee.
    Government Driver Job:
    It is important to keep an eye out for job opportunities and be sure to get the latest information from the website or local employment office.

    Easy Sarkari Naukri in India: FAQs

    Q. Which is the easiest and simplest government job?
    The easiest job is that of Railway Group D, Teacher, Safai Karmachari, Gram Sevak.
    Q. Which is the easiest government job exam?
    If we talk about the simplest and easiest exam in government job then it is SSC MTC and the same is of Railway Group D.
    Q. Which job has the least competition?
    If we talk about government jobs with the least competition, then there is a lot of competition in the jobs of a judge and a professor.


    So we hope that in today's article you would have understood very well about which is the easiest government job. In this post, I have tried to tell you about the best government jobs and if you want to get Sabae Aasan Govt Job, then you can prepare for any one of the government jobs mentioned by us in which you will have to do very less work. And if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask it to us and share this post with your friends and also tell them about Sabae Aasan Govt Job.