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VArious Director vacancies in National e-Governance

National e-Governance Division
NeGD-Media Lab Asia 4th floor, Electronics Niketan,
6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

The National e-Govemance Division (NeGD) invites applications for the following Senior and Middle level positions from officers of the Central & State Governments / PSUs / Autonomous / Statutory bodies of Government of India, States &UTs

i.    Director (Capacity Building) in PB-4 with G.P. of Rs. 10000
ii.    Director (Project Appraisal and Finance) in PB-4 with G.P. of Rs. 10000
iii.    Director (Awareness & Communication) in PB-4 with G.P. of Rs. 10000

The appointment will be on deputation on Foreign Service terms and conditions.
NeGD is an Independent Business Division within Media Lab Asia, a Section 25 Company under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Gd. Its activities encompass strategic planning, programme monitoring, project development, capacity building, communication and awareness, impact assessment, technical appraisals of e-Govemance projects, R&D etc.

Candidates who are passionate about e-Govemance and are interested in joining the challenging assignments in NeGD may apply by June 30,2014. For further details of the above positions and empanetment for other positions at the middle and junior levels in different domains log on to


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