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Canadian Embassy - Receptionist Job in Mumbai April 2011

Embassy jobs in Mumbai
Canadian Embassy, Mumbai

  1. Notice No: 11-Receptionist / Mumbai
  2. Position Title & Level:  Receptionist (LE04)
  3. Section:  Management & Consular
  4. Location:  Consulate General of Canada, Mumbai
  5. Starting Salary:  Rs. 342, 345 per annum + benefits
  6. Issuance Date:  5 April, 2011
  7. Closing Date:  20 April, 2011
Employment:  Permanent part time or full time position
Open To: This competition is open to individuals currently working as indeterminate and determinate employees. Applications from outside candidates will also be accepted for this competition.
Mandatory Screening Requirements:
Education: Graduation from a government recognized college/university. Secretarial training sufficient to be familiar with text preparation and formatting, as well as general handling of correspondence including letters, faxes, and e-mails is an asset.
Language: Fluency in French, English & Hindi (Oral & written) and Marathi language (oral).
Ability to read & speak Gujarati is an asset.
Experience: Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience in a position with a focus on client service. Experience working with telephone switchboard systems in general office environment. Demonstrated experience working on a PC in a network environment. Experience in dealing with the general public.
Job Resume:
Under the supervision of the Management Consular Officer operates the mission switchboards, provides general reception services, and performs other related administrative duties as required.

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