Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board Advt No.1/2011 Jan 2011

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Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board
Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan-I, Pusa, New Delhi-110 012

Advertisement No. 01/2011

Applications are invited from the Indian Nationals for various scientific posts under different institutes of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

 1.    Director (One Post) DIRECTOR / PROJECT DIRECTOR/ JOINT DIRECTOR Directorate of Oil Palm Research, Pedavegi (A.P.)
2.    Director (One Post) National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects, Bangaluru
3.    Director (One Post) Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut (Kerala)
4.    Director (One Post) Project Directorate on Cattle, Meerut (U.P.)
5.    Project Director (One Post) Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.)
6.    Joint Director, High Security Animal Disease Laboratory, Bhopal under IVRI, Izatnagar (One Post)
7.     Joint Director (Academic) (One Post) HEAD OF DIVISION / PROJECT COORDINATOR 14-2-2011Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
8.    Head, IARI Regional Station, Pune under IARI, New Delhi (One Post) Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur
9.    Head, Division of Agricultural Engineering for Arid Productions Systems (One Post)
10.    Head, CAZRI Regional Research Station, Jaisalmer under CAZRI, Jodhpur (One Post)
11.    Head, CAZRI Regional Research Station, Bikaner under CAZRI, Jodhpur (One Post) Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai
12.    Head, Division of Transfer of Technology (One Post)
13.    Head, Division of Quality Evaluation & Improvement (One Post) National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata
14.    Head, Division of Chemical & Biochemical Processing (One Post)
15.    Head, Division of Quality Evaluation & Improvement (One Post) Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums, Ranchi
16.    Head, Division of Lac Production (One Post)
17.    Head, Division of Processing & Product Development (One Post) Indian Grassland & Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi
18.    Head, Division of Farm Machinery & Post Harvest Technology (One Post)
19.    Head, Division of Crop Improvement (One Post) Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore
20.    Head, Division of Plant Pathology (One Post)
21.    Head, Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Bhubaneswar under IIHR, Bangalore (One Post) Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
22.    Head, Division of Crop Physiology, Bio-chemistry & Post Harvest Technology (One Post) Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram
23.    Head, Division of Crop Production (One Post) Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan, Almora
24.    Head, Division of Crop Production (One Post) Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal
25.    Project Coordinator, Renewable Sources of Energy for Agriculture and Agro-based Industries under CIAE, Bhopal (One Post)
26.    Head, Division of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering (One Post) National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning, Nagpur
27.    Head, NBSS&LUP Regional Centre, Jorhat under NBSS&LUP, Nagpur (One Post) Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute, Dehradun
28.    Head, CSWCR&TI Regional Centre, Koraput under CSWCR&TI, Dehradun (One Post) Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.)
29.    Head, Division of Standardization (One Post)
30.    Head, Division of Parasitology (One Post)
31.    Head, Division of Veterinary Medicine (One Post)
32.    Head, Division of Livestock Economics & Statistics (One Post) Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore
33.    Head, CIFRI Regional Centre, Guwahati under CIFRI, Barrackpore (One Post) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin
34.    Head, Division of Fishery Resources Assessment (One Post) National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad
35.    Head, Division of Information & Communication Management (One Post) Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow
36.    Head, Division of Crop Improvement & Biotechnology (One Post) Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut (Kerala)
37.    Head, Division of Crop Production (One Post) Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin
38.    Head, Division of Engineering (One Post) Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal
39.    Project Coordinator (Salt Affected and Use of Saline Water in Agriculture) (One Post) PRINCIPAL SCIENTIST Directorate of Maize Research, New Delhi
40.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding) at Regional Maize Research and Seed Production Centre, Vishnupur, Begusarai (Bihar) under DMR, New Delhi (One Post)
41.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding) (One Post)
42.    Principal Scientist (Agronomy) (One Post) Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad
43.    Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology) (One Post) Indian Grassland & Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi
44.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding) (One Post)
45.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding), IGFRI Regional Research Station, Avikanagar under IGFRI, Jhansi (One Post) ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya
46.    Principal Scientist (Forestry) (One Post) Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan, Almora (U.K.)
47.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding) (One Post) Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal
48.    Principal Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power) (Three Posts)
49.    Principal Scientist (Agricultural Structures & Process Engineering) (Two Posts)
50.    Principal Scientist (Biochemistry – Plant Science) (One Post) Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad
51.    Principal Scientist (Agricultural Meteorology) (One Post) Desirable: Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
52.    Principal Scientist (Fish & Fishery Science) at Centre located at Rohtak (Haryana) under CIFE, Mumbai (One Post) Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar
53.    Principal Scientist (Animal Genetics & Breeding) (One Post)
54.    Principal Scientist (Animal Genetics & Breeding) at Bhubaneswar Centre of CARI, Izatnagar (One Post)  Project Directorate for Farming System Research, Modipuram, Meerut (U.P.)
55.    Principal Scientist (Soil Chemistry / Soil Fertility) (One Post)
56.    Principal Scientist (Agricultural Economics) (One Post)
57.    Principal Scientist (Agronomy) (One Post)
58.    Principal Scientist (Agronomy – AICRP on ECF) (One Post) Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research, Bhimtal, Nainital
59.    Principal Scientist (Fish & Fisheries Science) (Two Posts) Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal
60.    . Principal Scientist (Soil Chemistry / Fertility / Microbiology) (One Post) Central Institute of Post Harvest Technology, Ludhiana
61.    Principal Scientist (Microbiology – Plant Science) (One Post) Directorate of Rapeseed Mustard Research, Bharatpur
62.    Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding) (One Post) Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar  63. Principal Scientist (Livestock Production & Management) (One Post)

Last Date:14.02.2011

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