Various IT jobs in NatSteel Holdings

NatSteel Holdings 

InfoTech Services, IT Services - System Engineer
· Develop, implement, and review operating standards and IT service management processes
· Coordinate with external service provider in helpdesk support, systems maintenance support and troubleshooting
· Participate in technology evaluation and recommendation
· Provide technical support to end users on PC and laptop

InfoTech Services, IT Solutions - Senior System Analyst (12 months contract)
· Develop, perform complex ABAP programming, testing and debugging functions related to the implementation of SAP modules
· Cooperate with business analysts and customers to understand users’ requirements for new ABAP reports, interfaces data conversion programmes and forms
· Determine sources of system errors; develop and implement solutions
· Provide R/3 expertise in data conversion management; application development and security access
· Develop, communicate and implement SAP Security Profiles and ABAP Report procedures
· Analyse SAP requirements; designs and codes ABAP programmes to meet the specifications
· Guides and trains other junior ABAP programmers in the development of applications

InfoTech Services, IT Solutions - System Analyst
· Code SAP modules and complex functions using ABAP programming language
· Create specialised reports for SAP modules using ABAP programming language
·  Design forms for SAP modules using SAP script
· Troubleshoot and correct SAP module problems by using ABAP programming language to implement OSS notes
· Interface with business analysts to ensure the proper integration of business processes and procedures to information technology
· Assist in defining technical requirements for on-going systems maintenance and future functionality.
· Provide technical support to users on matters related to the programming of SAP
· Prepare comprehensive and thorough technical programme documentation including specifications, test conditions, test plans, test data, etc
· Train users on programming of forms and reports, defining authorisation roles, custom workflows, and other related areas

InfoTech Services, IT Solutions - Lead Analyst
· Support the daily operations and solutions development for the SAP Finance and other corporate IT systems
· Perform requirement analysis, prepare functional and technical specifications, configure, develop, test and deploy solutions in new enhancement and system implementation projects
· Resolve system issues and manage delivery of solutions and services effectively

Supply Chain Management, Technical - Technical Assistant Executive
· Detailing of Mesh, CAB & Precaged products from structural and architectural drawings provided by customers
· Perform project management roles on projects assigned, ensuring timely completion of drawings and details and due date compliance
· Design and develop practical and cost efficient solutions for customers
· Coordinate with Sales and Planning departments on customers' requirements
· Coordinate with customers on projects requirements

Supply Chain Management, Technical - Temporary Technical Assistant (3 months contract)
Job Responsibilities:
·  NDS data posting to system

Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain - Production PlannerProduction Planner
· Plan and coordinate operations to ensure delivery in full and on time (DIFOT) by understanding customer requirements and optimising production and logistics resources
· Anticipate and address issues in operations before they arise
· Drive improvements in planning and operations to increase throughout and reduce delivery lead time

Supply Chain Management, Logistics - Yard I/C
· Supervise crane driver cum riggers to ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading operations
·  To double up as crane drivers when required
·  Assist foreman in yard safety and improvements projects

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