Assistant/Deputy Managers Jobs Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Gurgaon Plant, Old Palam Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon - 122015, Tel: (0124)  2346721

Asst Mgr/Dy Mgr / Mgr - Engine Testing-01
*Experience in Emission, Performance, Durability, NVH testing related to Gasoline, Diesel and alternate fuels
*Working Knowledge of Emission testing for both engine and emission test beds Evaluation of vehicle performance, Running Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer
*Calibration of CRDi system, basic understanding of emission regulations

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Engine Design-02

* Experience in Design & Development of Engine System (Gasoline/ Diesel/Alternate Fuel)
* In-depth design experience in the areas of engine intake, exhaust, cooling, valvetrain / cranktrain systems

 Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Transmission Design-03
* Experience in Design, Development & Testing of Transmission Systems.
* In-depth design experience in the areas of gears, clutch and related drive train system.
* Experience in durability, Reliability, Performance & NVH testing of driveline parts shift linkages & synchromesh systems.
* Experience in calibration of AT/CVT/DCT Systems.
* Exposure and Experience in Lab view / Matlab shall be added advantage.

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Chassis/ Suspension/ Steering/ Brakes-04
* Experience in Design, development & testing of Chassis / Suspension / Steering / Brakes system related parts.
* Hands on experience in RHB, durability, performance testing, Vehicle dynamics and parts evaluation.

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - BIW/TRIMS/NVH-05
* Experience in Design and Development of BIW, Trims & NVH parts
* Conceptualising, Design and Development of Sheet Metal Front / Under / Side Body Parts, plastic parts such as Bumper / Pillar Trims / Grills / Garnish, NVH body related Parts such as Carpet, Roof Lining, Hood Panel
* Sufficient knowledge of testing and regulatory norms and capable
of understanding and providing solutions in CAE

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - CAE-06
* Experience in finite element analysis in the automotive domain using HYPERWORKS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, and STAR ccmp in the area of Linear/Non-Linear structural analysis, Fatigue/Durability analysis,NVH analysis, Crash analysis, CFD Analysis

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Vehicle Testing-07
* Experience on Vehicle level physical testing related to NVH, Crash/Safety, Strength/Durability
* Exposure of setup, handling of test equipments and facilities

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Homologation-08
* Experience in type approval, certification and testing of vehicle as per CMVR rules.
* In-depth knowledge of various vehicle systems & export homologation rules.

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Body Electricals-09
* Experience in Design, Development and Testing of Body electrical components such as Wiring Harness, Switch, Audio, Speedometer, Lamps Layout, Packaging

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Engine Electricals-10
* Experience in Design, Development and Testing of Engine Starting, Charging and Ignition System
* In-depth Knowledge of Starters, Motors, Alternators, Battery, and Ignition coils etc.

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Control Spec Communication-11
* Experience of HILS controller testing for Body and Powertrain Controllers Plan, monitor and implement automotive Software Design, Development and Validation in Body, Chassis, Safety and Powertrain areas
* Preparation of control specifications including EPS, ABS, AT etc. Proficiency in MATLAB, ATLAB, SIMULINK, CANOE etc.
* Good knowledge on CAN communication protocols - CAN, LIN, UART (In Vehicle Networking)

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Body Control-12
* Product development of Body control ECU¿s ( BCM, Imobiliser, Airbag controller, Security controller, Door Lock controllers, HVAC, TPMS etc
* Hands on experience in hardware design/ development controllers.
* Executed at least one project of Body controller including sourcing/selection/verification of micro controlers, design of PCB & interface circuits

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - EMI/EMC-13
* Installation & Commissioning of test facilities for EMI/EMC
* Carry out EMC/EMI testing on vehicle / ESA level according to relevant test standards (ISO/EC/AIS)

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - HVAC-14
* Layouting, Packaging, Design & Development of automotive HVAC systems

Asst Mgr / Dy Mgr / Mgr - Instrument Panel / Doors / Closures / Seating System-15
* Experience in Design & Development of automotive IP, doors, seating system, Mechanism & Closures
* Should have design knowledge of door handle, latches, window regulators, mirrors, glass & seals, Interiors-I/P & Door trim, Seating systems & Seat belts, Airbags.
* Sufficient knowledge of testing and regulatory norms and capable of understanding and providing solutions in CAE

Guidelines :
Qualification : Bachelors / Master's in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/ Automobile Engineering (Minimum First division in 10th, 12th & Engineering)
Proficient in UG or other CAD softwares for design profiles

Level to be offered : Assistant Manager/Deputy Manager/Manager as per skills and Experience.

Work Experience : 3 to 12 years
Should be open to Projects/Training assignment at Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan for 1-2 years.
If you are innovative, having challenging spirit and ability to adjust and adapt as a team player and have the passion to work for No-1 company, please apply indicating Job Code in the subject line to this e-mail id:

All positions are based at Gurgaon.

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